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Simplify administration. Save time and resources. Generate more sales.

ImakeITwork builds OpenCart extensions that save time and make administration easier and much more efficient.


Admin Product Minifier

Two OpenCart extensions that save massive amount of e-store administrator’s time. They hide all the unnecessary fields and tabs that are not needed in your store’s product and category forms.  Admin Product Minifier  Admin Category Minifier  Package: Admin Product and Category Minifiers (you save 25%)

FrontEnd Product Statistics and Edit Link

This OpenCart extension shows statistics for your product from the store Frontend, and also ads Edit link for editing product, category, manufacturer pages in one click.  FrontEnd Product Statistics and Edit Link extension

Add Links To Admin Menu

Organize your OpenCart. Have all the most useful links on one, easy to access, place. Add any number of internal or external links to the menu.  Add Links to Admin Menu


Google Search Preview

How your product will look like in Google Search? This extension provides the visual experience of search results. Extension also counts how many characters are left for title and description according to Google rules. Changes are visible in real time when you are filling the product information.

Better SEO OpenCart extension

Better SEO OpenCart extension helps your store be rated much higher in search engine results than using the standard OpenCart SEO optimization. Read more… With this extension you get: – Extra meta tags for products and categories – Google Search results preview – SEO status indicators


Mega Sales Lite

Mega Sales Lite extension allows you to set special prices for entire product categories, products with specific filters, and for both – category & filter combinations.  Mega Sales Lite

Low Stock, Buy Now

This OpenCart extension changes Add To Cart button text to a more appealing one if product stock is getting low. It’s a great way to encourage the customer to buy the product while it’s not completely sold out. Low Stock, Buy Now

Sliding Facebook Likebox

Promote your store’s Facebook page to visitors – simple and elegant way. Likebox slides out when you reach the bottom of the page. Sliding Facebook Likebox


Detect Duplicate Product Model

This OpenCart extension eliminates possibility to add the same model for more than one product in the shop. It notifies if product model is already in use while you are adding a new product.

Better Filter

Better Filter OpenCart extension modifies the look and user experience of default OpenCart Filters module – reloads filter on click (without ajax), and simplifies the look of long filter lists.

4 Level and Fast Category Module

This OpenCart module enables you to show deeper levels of product categories in the default OpenCart category module. Extension also saves the category tree in special cache file to optimize category page loading speed.


  • 5 stars for the support, 5 stars for the extension. Waiting for more extensions from you! Better Filter
  • Great service and excellent support behind it .. awesome module ... my client loves it and makes things so much easier for me .. thanks very much. Add Links To Admin Menu
  • I would like to recommend this extension as is something so useful and friendly as it should be bulid in OC. Developer is helpful and I cant imagine best cooperation with any extension developer. This is A+++ extension and if You try one You will never start OC project without ;) Frontend Product Statistics and Edit Links
  • It's truly rare that you find a developer willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the modules and extension they sale on OC actually work within the framework of a customers' website. I sincerely appreciate this developer for taking the time and patience to fix and result conflicting issues I had with modules I purchased before this one. I can't wait until this developer has more extensions and modules to offer. I would purchase just because of the customer service and super quick responses I received. Admin Product Minifier
  • Thanks! Very good mod! I tested my site with Googĺe speed tester ( ) and speed was even faster when I was uploaded this! 5/5 4 Level (and FAST) Category Module

Extension Support

If you have any compatibility issues with ImakeITwork extensions, or you need any custom modifications, please fill the support form.